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That fact is that we drop out from the college for many reasons.

Admittedly, President Barack Obama’s administration knows this issue and has decided to even put out a $380 million educational budget for 2010 to assist students at risk of dropping out and to encourage high school graduates to earn an associate or bachelors degree in college....

Yet if the problem is not getting more Americans to enroll in college but to get those enrolled to finish it, we need to understand why it is that Americans drop out at such disproportionate rates — despite the promise of a high payoff at the end. Getting more Americans successfully through college requires ensuring that once they get there, they can reap the enormous profits of the experience.

Most dropouts probably work several jobs to just pay off their bills and support themselves....

We sometimes drop out of the college because of bad friendship.

If you drop out of college you may lose yourself, your family, and your friends.

College education is a serious business. It takes up to four years of your life during which you have little opportunity to do anything else, it occupies your attention and efforts, it costs a pretty penny – most students end up with about $30,000 student loan debts by the time they graduate.

His reasoning is not unusual. The looms like an insurmountable obstacle for many low-income Americans hoping to get a higher education. The notion of a college education becoming a financial albatross around the neck of the nation’s youth is a Some education experts now advise high school graduates that a college education may not be such a good investment after all. “Sticker price matters a lot,” said Lawrence Katz, a professor of Harvard University. “It is a deterrent.”

It tends to amount to the self-fulfilling prophecyof dropping-out.

Which means that it if you are not going to go through with it, you should make this decision beforehand and don’t even apply, because to drop out of college halfway through means you’ve spent time and money without achieving anything. Nevertheless, every year thousands of students do exactly this, in a more or less stupid way. Let’s take a look at how you can achieve such a fascinating result.

Due to this, he used drugs that dropped him out of the college totally.

By the way, I am a prof, and I didn’t care for many of my professors and I wasn’t wild about all of the classes I had to take. I’d say about 60-70% of my students are ready for college and can do the work if they put their shoulders to it. I also feel most of these students will do well afterwards in their professional lives. About 30-40% just can’t cut it for one reason or other (some reasons are legit). At the top of the list are items such as laziness and poor educational skills. However, 10 to 20% are simply immature and spoiled babies. They always expect others to cut them some slack, make it easier for them, or actually do their work for them. Worse yet, they expect somebody to entertain them. By the way, these 10-20% come from both genders, all races, all regions and from all social classes. Chances are most of these 10-20% will eventually grow-up and take responsibility for themselves. The ones who don’t grow-up wind-up in prison, unemployed or with other major problems. Who told you Northwestern or any other college or university failed you? Was it your mommy? Time to peel-off the diapers and to become an adult.

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There are plenty of reasons students dropouts.

Essay about college dropout statistics ucf application essay samples

“silvia Says:
January 19th, 2010 at 5:44 am
Some students drop out because all the damn classes are full. I hope I don’t spend the next 2 years of my life taking classes just because they’re the only ones available.”

Why have your peers dropped out of college?

Great points in here. I am 2 years out and look back at college as some what of a waste. I went away to a four year university, and never really wanted to be there…the novelty wore off every year and I was far from home, family, and old friends. The course work was hit or miss, but no major (even engineering) prepared people for the job force. I value education, but honestly….moving away for a year and working ANYWHERE would have taught me a alot. I suggest starting college courses while in HS…maybe during the summer try everything out. Try arts, computers, dentistry…whatever…just knock all the basic shit out, travel, work where people value your skills…and see where you end up. Part of me wishes I had joined the Navy and been a grunt or something. Taking huge loans to go to prestigious universities is not for everyone. I took a class for fun last spring at a County College…WOW! Had I know…the price was unreal and level of teachers was superb. Live life.

Essay about college dropout statistics

College isn’t for everybody. If you can find a means of legal income without going to school than do so. People who have college educations shouldn’t lord it over those who don’t have them. On the other hand, those without college eucations shouldn’t go through life with this massive inferiority complex because they didn’t go to college.
Unfortunately, in our highly specialized and competitive society. most of us will probably require some sort of degree or certification to get a decent professional job. Most of our fellow posters who are now scuffing at the value of a college degree will eventually find it is the right thing to do to go back to the classroom. Promotions almost always go to those with the degrees. The higher salaries almost always goes to those with the degrees. Yhe nice houses and new cars almost always goes those with the degrees.

The Idiot"s Guide To Essay About College Dropout Statistics Explained

I have all A’s and have throughout my college career, as well as high school. Thus, when I say this, it is not because I am unable to handle to trivial workload. My big problem with college is that here we are, supposedly rising above the rest, and yet there are about 42,000 students supposedly doing the same. Furthermore, let’s say I stick it out for four years, I will then have the opportunity to work for someone who was smart enough to spend their life developing an idea or career, in stead of conforming and marching to the same beat as everyone else.

Essay about college dropout statistics assigned permissions

Yes, college is not for everyone. However, I believe the ones who drop out of school are the ones who did not plan out, nor made the COMMITMENT in achieving their educational goals.

Essay about college dropout statistics appendix for extended essay ib

However, if you don’t find yourself in the attributes of entertainment or business minded entrepreneurs, than your best bet is to obtain a college degree as it is the one source to land you a decent paying job.

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