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Animal cells do not have cell walls.

From the table, we find that besides cell wall, chloroplasts, lysosomes and centrioles, plant and animal cells have the same organelles.

16. Only people can sin against God. There is no such thing as a righteous dog. He may be an obedient and well trained dog, but he is not a righteous dog. There is no such thing as a sinful dog (though obviously some animals can be very fierce and dangerous—see Exodus 21:28). No animal has ever disobeyed God. Only men fully know the difference between right and wrong. If a dog eats something that he should not eat, or if a dog messes on the living room rug, he does not feel guilty about it (although he may have been trained to fear punishment). "Only man can discern moral right and wrong and suffer the agonies of an offended conscience" (John Whitcomb).

Animal cells do not have chloroplast.

Plant cells do not have lysosomes.

The “powerhouse” or the “energy generators” of both plant and animal cells are the mitochondria.

Some microscopic organisms, such as bacteria and protozoa, are single cells whereas animals and plants are composed of many millions of cells assembled into tissues and organs....

Even though there is opposition to each of these ideas, genetic manipulation/therapy, cloning and stem cells can improve human, animal and plant life, and should be funded because they have the potential to cure fatal diseases and return extinct animals to the planet....

Both plants and animals come under eukaryotic cells.

There are many different ways that plant productivity can be improved, for example one option is to keep them in ideal, controlled environments such as glass houses and poly-tunnels.

Today you will use prepared slides to investigate the phases of mitosis in both plants and animals.

Everyone must admit that there are striking similarities between men and certain animals! For many people, the leading attraction at the zoo is the monkey house, because monkeys resemble humans more than any other animals do, and it is amusing to watch them! If you were to look at the skeleton of an ape and the skeleton of a person, you would discover many similarities! How can we explain these remarkable similarities?

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3. Plant cells have a Cell wall and Chloroplasts.

Vacuoles function differently in plant and animal cells.

Evolutionists believe that . They would say that animals resemble each other because they are related to each other, and thus they believe that. They would say that man looks like a monkey because he is a near kin to a monkey (related to a monkey through a common ape-like ancestor). Man does not look too much like an elephant, but he looks more like an elephant than he does a jellyfish, so this means that man is more closely related to the elephant than he is to the jellyfish (he is a close cousin to the elephant, but he is a distant relative to the jellyfish). Evolutionists believe that man is related to all plant and animal life because they say that all life began from that first living cell (our original ancestor!) which they think evolved in the primitive ocean many millions of years ago. Thus, evolutionists even believe that we are related to the moss we walk upon, to the mosquitoes which bite us, to the worms we fish with and to the fish we catch with the worms! They believe that all living things can trace their ancestry back to that first living cell. And they believe that the first living cell somehow evolved from lifeless chemicals (a theory which has never been proven and which has never been duplicated in the lab).

Oh, and more similarities of both plant and animal cells!

Below is a diagram of an evolutionary family tree. "The base of the trunk represents unknown, primitive forms of life from which all plants and animals arose" (, p. 6). This family tree shows how the evolutionists believe that all plants and animals are related to each other. [Perhaps the teacher or someone in the class could bring in a science book or biology textbook which has an evolutionary family tree.]

There are two types of cells; the plant cell and the animal cell.

These substances convert the sugar and other organic molecules in the cell to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) – required as a source of energy for the chemical reactions of a cell.

Differences Between Animal and Plant Cells Essay - …

Find and make observations of cells in each phase of mitosis in plant and animal tissue. Compare the differences between plant and animal mitosis. Be able to correctly identify the phases from both plant and animal tissue.

Differences Between Animal and Plant Cells

In the making of cars, not all cars have the same origin, but they have a common design. Almost every car is designed with a steering wheel, with brakes, with windshield wipers, etc. They all must be designed to travel safely on roads and they must have the capability to transport human passengers. Not all cars have the same origin, but they have common design features so that they can function on similar road environments. The same is true for sailboats. Sailboats are made by many different companies, but they share many similar design features because they must operate on the water by means of the power of wind. So also airplanes share many similarities with each other even if they were made by different companies, because they all must be designed for flight.

The difference between plant and animal comes down to cell structure

A cell, the basic unit of life, is a microscopic structure that forms the basic structural as well as functional unit of living organisms.

Cells can be divided into two categories called prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

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