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Creativity in the organization Essay - 8963 Words

There is a direct link between creativity and important organizational outcomes such as productivity and quality; because creative thinking increases the quality of solutions to organizational problems, helps to stimulate profitable innovations, revitalizes motivation, upgrades personal skills and catalyzes effective team performance.

What learning organizations do is set us free. Employees no longer have to be passive players in the equation; they learn to express ideas and challenge themselves to contribute to an improved work environment by participating in a paradigm shift from the traditional authoritarian workplace philosophy to one where the hierarchy is broken down and human potential is heralded. Learning organizations foster an environment wherein people can "create the results they truly desire," and where they can learn to learn together for the betterment of the whole (Rheem 1995,10).

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Creativity: Management and Organization Essay - …

Here we need to remember that the which created the problem is not the mind that will solve the problem. To create the new perspective the mind of the individual or individuals will significantly change. Quite simply, key to is that the seeks the to be free to express itself. To free that creative spirit to the degree that it studies and learns the on it own requires the individual to move significantly toward, if not into, the , When an individual does the work it is very difficult to climb back into a box and confined the creative spirit. Rather, the creative spirit seeks to remain free. This it not to say it can’t do so. It can. But it is also painful. Unless there is a way to address the experienced in confinement, it is very possible the individual will develop some type and kind of or addictive behavior to numb the pain it feels because of the captivity of the creative spirit.

One way to obtain the individual or individuals who can guide a transformation process is for members of the organization to elect to study the and what is really involved in manifesting a true . However, this contains a high degree of risk. If an individual truly gets involved with the creative process and a true creative endeavor to gain an of the process that is needed they will most likely be uninterested in returning to the confines of an organization.

Creativity: Management and Organization Essay

In looking at the concept of Organizational Creativity, there are obvious questions which need to be addressed before one starts. For starters, the most of important is, "What kind of organization is desired and why?" Is there a fixed function and the need for compliance or does the organization need to be response to change, or is it a combination of both. The recommendation is to become very clear on the and on why we desire to implement the changes which have brought us to this material.

The second way it create . That is, individuals can be educated in the and what is required for a under the guidance of one who had been there. It is much like learning to fly and airplane. There is an classroom portion and then a "hands on" portion all done under the guidance of a instructor. After the solo flight, the individual is free to fly as they desire. The stories discussed in the topics, "" described rather well what needs to be addressed. Without that mentor or instructor we are like a eaglet raised with chickens never learning to fly. With the mentor or instructor we are like that lion cub who chokes on the what we need to do to become who we are and step into our creative power as a visionary leader. How long it takes to train a visionary leader all depends on the desire of the individual undergoing the training. The topic, "" provides some understanding as to what is required for developing visionary leaders.

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Organization Creativity - Essay Example

Digital technologies are reducing the pray love book essay cost of iteration and experimentation in creative work — and that opens alan moore essay up new possibilities for both people and businesses.

Creativity and innovation Essay Examples

AGENTS OF SOCIALIZATION:The Family, The School, Peer Groups, The Mass Media Introduction to Sociology Social Sciences creativity organizations essay Sociology.

Simple answer for that is by creativity and innovation, ..

Dedicated to the creativity organizations essay expression of creativity through poetry, a forum in which writers may share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences, a free poetry contest and.

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Additional insights into theories of descriptive essay about broken family change are offered by five Beyond Intractability project participants Steve Jobs said that “Innovation was creativity that ships.

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Although this material is written with these two primary audiences in mind, Organizational Creativity is for any organization or group of individuals desiring to be creative within an organization and doing business differently than in the past.

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Some of the more powerful uses of Organizational Creativity and its applications are for organizational design, change management, organizational restructuring, reengineering and/or restructuring an existing organization, organizational transformation and any other activity which requires organizationally doing business in a new or different way as a result of changing world conditions. In essence, it is about accessing and bring truly creative ideas and innovations into existing organizational dynamics.

Innovation and Creativity in Organizations - Mar 17, 2014

Level 4 - Learning to learn. Is about innovation and creativity; designing the future rather than merely adapting to it. This is where assumptions are challenged and knowledge is reframed.

Essay on What Is Creativity - 576 Words | Majortests

Two important things result from this. First, while there has been a lot of talk about learning organizations it is very difficult to identify real-life examples. This might be because the vision is ‘too ideal’ or because it isn’t relevant to the requirements and dynamics of organizations. Second, the focus on creating a template and upon the need to present it in a form that is commercially attractive to the consultants and writers has led to a significant under-powering of the theoretical framework for the learning organization. Here there is a distinct contrast with the study of .

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