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Compare and contrast poem and short story

These two creation stories contrast the two societies that created them: the chaotic lives of servitude of the Babylonians and the lives of the recently freed Jewish people....

A short story easily read in one sitting was turned into a nearly two-hour thriller, mystery, and horror movie by incorporating new details and modifying the original version of the story.

The Story Of An Hour is the shorter of the two.

The two short stories have very intriguing but very similar themes.

This essay compares the two stories.

“Compare and Contrast two pre 1914 ghost stories and show how the writers create and sustain tension.” In this essay I will be discussing and comparing two pre 1914 ghost stories to show how the writing creates and sustains tension.

The second short story I will compare and contrast called (Maupassant, G. 1884). This short story is about A young couple that discovers that the upper society to glitter like a real necklace, but in reality, it may not always be so. Mathilde borrows her friend’s necklace, which she believes is a real diamond necklace. However, she ends up loosing it. She does not tell her friend, instead she and her husband borrow money from friends, and they replace the necklace. They work very hard for ten years, to ensure that they pay back their friends. One day Mathilde sees her old friend, the one she borrowed the necklace from. She tells her about how she lost the necklace and replaced the lost one. How her and her husband have been struggling for ten years paying that necklace back. Her friend says “Oh, my poor Mathilde. However, mine were false. At most they were worth five hundred francs!”(Maupassant, G. 1

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People say that no two things are alike. However, I would have to disagree. We are alike in many ways. With people, we all have eyes, ears, and mouth. Even with cars, plants, books, even literature! I believe that short stories and poetry are very similar. Today, I will compare and contrast a poem and Kate Chopin’s story. I will be using scholarly resources to help me. The first poem I will compare and contrast is called (Chopin, K.1894). This poem is about a woman to whom information was to be conveyed about the death of her spouse. After learning about his husband’s death, Mrs. Mallard began to enjoy life, and soon dies a free woman. The cause of her death was surprising as she died because of too much joy. Her heart could not bear the joy; hence, it overwhelmed and killed her.

The two stories we were asked to compare had one common themes which were the building of fear and suspense throughout.

My lessons' objectives are less likely to be product-based (like "write a comparison/contrast essay") and more likely to be skill-based (like "practice your sentence fluency skills in your writing using your knowledge off prepositions and conjunctions").

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Compare and Contrast Two Short Stories Essay

Compare and Contrast Two Short Stories

The two pieces of work seem to use indirect language to communicate the intended message. The story talks of how a lady thought a counterfeit necklace was genuine. The writer was not focusing on the superficial meaning, but the inner meaning. The poem reflects on a woman who is glad that her oppressive husband is dead. The poet intends to put across a message about women oppression and undermination in the society (Eyre writers, 2000). The husband is a symbol of oppression, suppression and undermination of women in the community. After the husband dies, the woman is extremely happy. She becomes excessively happy until it ends up killing her. It could mean that when women become assertive and liberate, they should control themselves. Abuse of freedom will lead to great harm.

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However, both these stories are quite similar also. Both short stories and poems use stylistic devices to convey their messages. They include symbols, figurative languages and poems tend to eliminate anything that is irrelevant in the work. This is important because the audience or readers will easily comprehend the work. However, when it comes to short stories and poetry, what should matter most is your personal opinion and what you enjoy reading, either poetry or a short story. As much as there are differences, there are equally similarities in these two types of literature works. Both follow a systematic flow and order. For example, both of them have a plot, characters, themes and styles. Both have utilized all of these features and this is why they successfully developed their work. For instance in the poem, the characters are Mrs. Mallard, her husband, doctors and other minor characters. In the short story, the characters are Mathilde, her husband, Madam Jeanne and the rest of the crowd at the party (Clugston, 2010).

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Some styles are uncommon to both genres. A good example rhymes. This style is only used in a poem and not in short stories. Rhymes make a poem to sound interesting and appealing because it gives rhythm to the poem. A short story is simply in a prose for readers to comprehend easily. A short story is made from fiction and written in a narrative form. A poem tends to captivate readers’ emotions by using styles like metaphors, images, figurative speech and other stylistic devices. There is also a difference in how they are read. A poem is read depending on the tone that was used to write it. A short story will just be narrated with a lively tone to maintain the attention of the audience (Haugh, 1998).

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The purpose of this essay is to compare and contrast two short stories: Where Are you going, Where Have You Been by Joyce Carol Oates and Hills Like White Elephants by Earnest Hemingway.

To compare and contrast three short stories from the ..

Without sound and tone, a poem would not be complete. Identifying sounds and tone in a poem is a simple step that requires you to listen imaginatively as you read and to identify with feelings you encounter. Poets rely heavily on sound effects, choosing words that not only convey sound but also emphasize the particular sound (tone) they want the reader to sense. In the beginning of this story, the tone is free. “Free! Body and soul free!” she repeatedly said. Free, because she is not married anymore, and she was at liberty to do as she pleased.

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Comparing Short Stories In my essay I will be comparing the two short stories 'Lamb to the Slaughter' by Roald Dahl and 'The Signalman' by Charles Dickens.

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