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This project will enhance community engagement on campus on three levels: practice, education, and research. A collaborative process between design students on campus, a nearby community, and CARES – a multidisciplinary team of designers and researchers – will be
initiated through a design challenge, where students will offer design ideas to a real life design problem of an underserved community in need. The collaborative design process will provide ideas ready to be used by the community, real-life design experience, and a research platform for evaluating various methods for their ability to engage the community in the design process and produce more locally appropriate designs.

Regardless of gender, race, religion, any person more than once goes back in those recent or distant, but such pleasant memories of the soul.
Campus life is something that cannot be overwritten in memory, be lost among the many life events? It is something that stays with you forever and retains all its vivid colors.

Campus Life essaysMany students expect their life, on their own, to be paradise

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It is often in campus, when students have the first acquaintance with such a great feeling like love, the opportunity to make a mistake for the first time and to be newly brokenhearted, considering every second broken relationship, trying to understand what went wrong. The conclusions will remain a lesson for life. Somebody, on the contrary, campus life will help to find his second half and tie them together forever.

A prime advocate of the residential college concept since 1983, Isaac Kramnick, the Richard J. Schwartz Professor of Government, says the house system is succeeding in creating residence life that is not "an intellect-free zone. Students who are interested in their residential experience having intellectual and cultural dimensions deserve the option to realize that," he says.

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In this essay I tried to shortly describe what I feel about campus life, what it was for me – it is my only and unique experience. In your essay you have to express your thoughts and present your own experience on the topic and do it your own, authentic way! Just as you feel it. Your story have to tell what you felt back then or fell now and mainly show what differs your experience from that of others.

Essays 1-02: My campus life My University life is very nice and I have such a productive every day

Not every Oberlin kid is an activist like Eosphoros—far from it—but even many who are not are fluent fellow-travellers. They generally acquired the requisite vocabulary in college. If the new campus activism has a central paradigm, it is intersectionality: a theory, originating in black feminism, that sees identity-based oppression operating in crosshatching ways. Encountering sexism as a white, Ivy-educated, middle-class woman in a law office, for example, calls for different solutions than encountering sexism as a black woman working a minimum-wage job. The theory is often used to support experiential authority, because, well, who knows what it means to live at an intersection better than the person there?

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Helping students decide what major to choose is one of the main reasons why career centers exist, so take advantage of them. Career counselors can give you in-depth information about each major and offer self-assessment tools such as the that can help you choose a major. They can also put you in touch with professors or alumni who can give you firsthand evaluations of the coursework and job opportunities for specific majors.

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Questions of educational comfort are slippery. Most people can agree about the headmaster with the wooden paddle. But what about the glowering Professor Kingsfield, in “The Paper Chase,” who makes a show of telling a student to phone his mother because he will never be a lawyer, and then gives him a rare A, since, by virtue of struggling toward his goal, a lawyer is what he has learned to be? We celebrate the idea that through disorientation and challenge we find growth. But who sets measures of growth in the first place? For most of the nineteenth century, Harvard professors taught a single, prescribed canon to a single, prescribed social circle. Today, horizons of knowledge are broader. A paradoxical promise—we’ll programmatically educate a group of you by drawing out your individuality—is inherent in modern liberal education, and a lot of classroom pedagogy tries to finesse the contradiction.

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Similarly, the transition from dorm life to time spent at home can be difficult for some students to handle. “The hardest part of freshman year for me was when I came home to my parent’s house,” says Alyssa Mellor, a 2008 graduate of Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. “It was difficult to adjust back to their life, schedule, and rules after my newfound freedom in college.” If you find life at home difficult, talk to your parents and explain how college life has made you more dependable and responsible. You might be surprised at how receptive they are.

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There is a general lack of privacy when you’re living on campus. Freshman dorms mostly have communal bathrooms, so if you’re modest, bring a bathrobe to cover up while you’re walking down the hall. But don’t be surprised if others are simply covered in a towel. You might have to live with the opposite sex on the same floor, which is becoming more and more popular at schools like the University of Maryland in College Park, who even have gender-neutral housing in which any students can live together, regardless of sex. Conversely, you might have to deal with the fact that the opposite sex isn’t allowed on your floor after certain hours, like at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. Just remember that each university and each person has a different idea about what is appropriate. If something truly makes you uncomfortable, mention it to an RA so they can rectify the situation. Otherwise, try to roll with the punches. It makes handling problems a lot less stressful.

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Although we speak today of “millennials,” the group comprises at least two culturally distinct generations. Students in college about a decade ago (my cohort) faced an uncertain future. September 11th happened, homeland-security projects slithered out in unsettling ways, the Iraq War became a morass, and the world markets collapsed. People coming of age in that era of inevitable evils tend to be conservative in their life-style ideals (if not yet in their politics), and might be called the Builders: having reached adulthood on unstable ground, they’re opportunistic entrepreneurs, restless climbers, and deferential compromisers.

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A major is a concentration of courses in a specific academic subject or professional field, and it is something many colleges require students to declare at the end of their sophomore year. Some students know what they want to major in before they even leave for college; however, many students are initially unsure. To help decide what major you should choose, consider the following steps:

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