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Discuss Two Theories of The Breakdown of Relationships Essay

These stages are said to apply to a variety of different relationships including marriages and friendships.
Therefore, Lee's model, as a stage model, can be seen as as a valid way of explaining relationship breakdown.

However, Lee's model can be accused of culture bias.
The model is based on research with couples from Western culture.

A final limitation of both theories are that they are culturally specific, there are significant cultural differences all over the worl and these models simply do not consider or explain these factors, for example arranged marriages may be a contributing factor to relationship breakdown as whole families have to be considered.
This model has been supported by observations of real life breakups, researched by Tashiro and Frazier who surveyed undergraduates who has recently became single.

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Breakdown of relationships a2 psychology essay - …

(5).4.Lee (1984) found there to be five stages of relationship breakdown and there stages were derived from a survey of 112 breakups.

For example, they may have less support and advice from heterosexual friends.
This model provides a limited explanation of relationship breakdown as we don't know if the model will apply successfully to homosexuals.
Dissatisfaction- when one becomes dissatisfied with the relationship
Exposure- dissatisfaction is revealed to another
Negotiation- discussion occurs over the nature of the dissatisfaction
Resolution- attempts are made to resolve dissatisfaction
Termination- the relationship ends.
Lee's survey findings indicated that stages 2 & 3 are the most distressing and emotionally exhausting.

This final stage in this model is the resurrection process, this involves both of the people preparing themselves for a future relationship, they are able to deduce an idea of what they want out of a future relationship and also what they do not want.
A limitation of this model is that when Argyle and Henderson asked participants to consider whether rule violations were found to be important in the breakdown of relationships, the main factors were jealousy, lack of tolerance, disclosing confidences, not offering help and public criticism.

Breakdown of relationships a2 psychology essay

Whilst the breakdown of a homosexual relationship is likely to undergo a similar process, some of the details of what happens in the stages may be different.

Niall Farrell A2 Psychology Outline and evaluate 2 theories of relationship breakdown

It also found that less intimate relationships were likely to skip stages.
Relationship breakdown is a lengthy process and great feelings of loneliness and loss are experienced after the breakdown as well as greater attraction to the former partner.
Lee's model has certain advantages over Duck's.
Lee's model is seen by some as a more positive and optimistic view of relationships in comparison to Duck's.

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Breakdown of Relationships - Essay by Vanessaxd

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The fifth stage of breakdown is the grave dressing process, in this stage each person in the relationship manipulates the sequences of events in their breakup in order to make themselves look like the better person, giving details of how the relationship came into being, what it was like and how it died.

Breakdown Of Relationships Essay - Anti Essays

These stages apply to a variety of different relationships.
In conclusion, stage models such as Duck's can be seen as a valid way of explaining relationship breakdown.

Psychology A2 : Breakdown Of Relationships

This theory as well as Ducks dows not explain abusive relationships and the complexities that they involve, therefore this model is too simplistic to fully explain the breakdown of romantic relationships, it also only outlines the stages of the breakdown and does not explain each step, therefore leaving room for misinterpretation.

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This is the stage in which the relationship will completely break down.
It states that there are six stags in the breakdown of a relationship, the first is labeled as 'breakdown', this is when a person becomes increasingly dissatisfied with the relationship, it suggests that if they are dissatisfied enough they will move on to the next stage of the model, the intrapsychic process.

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Moreover, he states that there are 3 categories of relationship breakdown, as follows:
Pre-existing Doom
Due to incompatibility
Mechanical Failure
Couple cannot stand each other
Sudden Death
Due to betrayal/infidelity

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For this reason Lee's model can be seen as a more attractive way of explaining relationship breakdown than Duck's.
As Lee's model is an example of a stage model, it also has it's own advantages.
The view of breakdown as a process is widely accepted and less simplistic than the view that a break-up is a singular event.

the place of small talk in women’s relationships ..

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Breakdown of relationships a2 psychology essay - DOJ …

This means there is little scientific evidence to support Lee's model of relationship breakdown, which results in it being less credible.
Evaluation of Lee's model
The Stages Of Breakdown:

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