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According to Baumrind, children of authoritative parents:

Parenting styles play an integral role in the development of a child. In fact, research has revealed that parenting styles can influence a child’s social, cognitive, and psychological growth, which affects children both in the childhood years, and as an adult. This is because children develop through a number of stimuli, interaction, and exchange, which surround them. The fact that parents are regularly around a child’s life they will influence him/her either negatively or positively. This paper discusses the parenting styles adopted by parents across different countries.

The commonly known parenting styles are four. They include authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent, and neglectful parenting. Authoritative parenting is parenting style that is both responsive and demanding. Parents who use this parenting style teach their children to be independent while at the same time controlling their actions. Authoritative parents understand their child’s emotions, and they teach them how to control their feelings. In addition, these parents always demand maturity. Punishments are prevalent in this style, but they are not violent or arbitrary. This parenting style has the advantage that children respond accordingly due to the various set limits.

Research has shown that authoritative parenting is the most effective style of parenting.

There are four parenting styles that couples practices....

Parenting is more important and has a long-term effect on children than what most parents assume.

They used random sampling and a questionnaire to gather the information to be reviewed from these students as the authoritative parenting style is one compared to the others that improves secure being, focus, knowledge, and develops problem solving.

Findings show that among all the components of personality, there is a direct and significant relationship between openness personality trait and authoritative parenting style.

Opposing argument Some believe in authoritarian parenting.

Authoritative parenting, provides a balanced approach, demands expectations of appropriate behaviors, allow children to think through decisions and develop a sense of autonomy.

Overall, this is one of the best ways to define the authoritative parenting style.

The parent displays fair discipline, warmth and nurturing, effective communication with the child and sets certain expectations on behavior and maturity.

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Q&A - Lacks the parent-child interaction in authoritative parenting

Authoritative parents provide a high level of emotional security.

One boy has authoritative parents, so when he finally arrives home he receives a fair punishment that fits the nature of the transgression. He is grounded for two weeks and must return the candy and apologize to the store owner. His parents talk to him about why stealing is wrong, but are supportive and encourage him not to engage in such behavior again.

Parenting styles: the four styles of parenting.

Authoritative parents also allow children to act independently. This teaches kids that they are capable of accomplishing things on their own, helping to foster strong self-esteem and self-confidence.

Parenting styles/childrens temperaments: the match.

The other boy has authoritarian parents, so when he arrives home, he is yelled at by both parents. His father spanks him and orders him to spend the rest of the night in his room without dinner. The child’s parents offer little support or love and no feedback or guidance about why the theft was wrong.

What Is an Authoritative Parenting Style?

Some parents are naturally more authoritative than authoritarian or permissive. Yet, it does not mean that any parent cannot adopt a more authoritative style. It may mean that you will have to remain mindful of your actions while you try to develop these habits.

Authoritarian Parenting Theory - UK Essays

It might help to view this parenting style as a balance between discipline, emotional control, and allowing independence. Try not to be too harsh nor too lenient. You can try to let your child make more decisions, but also have regular discussions about those. With time, attention, and flexibility to your child's needs these methods will become more natural.

The authoritative parenting style: An evidence …

This article reviews the literature on the relationship among parenting practices, parenting styles, and adolescent school achievement. The review of the empirical research indicates that parental involvement and monitoring are robust predictors of adolescent achievement. Several studies, however, indicate that parental involvement declines in adolescence, prompting the call for future research on the reasons for and associated consequences of this decline. Furthermore, the review indicates that authoritative parenting styles are often associated with higher levels of student achievement, although these findings are not consistent across culture, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Darling and Steinberg’s contextual model of parenting provides a promising model to help resolve these discrepancies, however, further research is needed to examine the major linkages of the model. It is also argued that the contextual model should expand its notion of context towards the larger cultural and economic context in which families reside.

What is the authoritative parenting style, and why does it work

Authoritative parents act as role models and exhibit the same behaviors they expect from their children. Because of this, the kids are more likely to internalize these behaviors and exhibit them as well. Consistent rules and discipline also allow children to know what to expect.

Authoritative Parenting - Essay by Ggtirizca4826

This furthermore, clearly defines that the authoritative style allows open communication between parent and child, love, guidance, nurturing, explanation of discipline and balance for the child.

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