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Argumentative Essay: Video games, ..

Then, each of you decide what stance to take, whether playing video games is bad or the opposite and why violent video games should be banned for the minors or vice-versa.

However, some question whether video games can be understood as a text in the same way as older media forms (such as television, radio, and cinema), because, unlike these, video games are not set and rigid but can vary depending on how the player interacts with them (Kerr, Brereton, and Kucklich 2005). This is a similar argument offered by a ludology approach, which suggests that, while traditional media (such as films) are representational (i.e., they offer a simple representation of reality), video games are based on simulation, creating a world that gamers can manipulate and interact with.

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Argumentative Essay Video Games Cause Violence …

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Likewise, the argument that playing video games can negatively affect levels of sport participation has been challenged by several authors. For instance, Fromme’s study of German schoolchildren found no evidence to support the assertion that playing video games reduces a child’s participation in sport. On the contrary, his survey produced some evidence to suggest that daily use of digital games was positively associated with increased levels of sport participation. Similarly, a study of U.K. undergraduate students found no evidence to suggest that playing video games could have a negative affect on patterns of sport participation, but rather that sport-related video games could actually inform and increase both the interest in and knowledge of sport of some game players (Crawford 2005).

It is evident that violence or violent themes and action are present in a large proportion of video games, with some of the most successful and popular games such as the Grand Theft Auto series or God of War involving high levels of violent content. Games are now being used for military training and recruitment, such as America’s Army. Because of this, some express concern that violence in video games can lead to heightened aggression. In particular, due to the interactive nature of gaming, some authors suggest that violence in video games could be more damaging than that seen in television and film. While television viewers are (largely) passive, video games often require players to actively direct the (in-game) aggression, and hence the aggression and violence is more “participatory” (Emes 1997). However, the relationship between violent games and gamers (as with violence on television and viewers) is far from conclusive. In particular, such research has been heavily criticized for its inconsistent methodologies and small and unrepresentative sample groups. It has also been criticized for overestimating the ability of games to influence the specific attitudes and behavior of individuals or groups and for seeing gamers as passive and vulnerable to representations of violence within games (Bryce and Rutter 2003).

Violent Video Games Argumentative Essay Example

However, statistics on game-playing patterns, particularly in relation to gender, can hide continuing discrepancies and imbalances between the gaming patterns of men and women. Studies suggest that, on average, women continue to be less likely to play video games than men, and those who do play tend to play a lot less frequently than their male counterparts. In particular, these discrepancies are much greater for adult men and women. This is most likely because women’s leisure time continues to be more restricted and fractured than men’s and because video games continue to be created and marketed primarily toward men and feature stereotypically masculine themes, such as violence and male participation sports, with female characters often absent or sexualized within games (Crawford and Gosling 2005). Technology also continues to be primarily controlled by men (such as the placing of game machines in “male” spaces, such as the bedrooms of brothers), which means that game machines and gaming are infrequently seen as belonging to women within households.

Hall, MD “A Plea for Caution: Violent Video Games, the Supreme Court, and the Role of Science.” Violent Video Games and the Role of Science.


5) Could be another media that influences the behavior

6) Up to the child and how they handle it

7) As video game sells increased, murder and crime decreased

8) No link between playing violent video games and school shootings

9) Serves as a substitute/outlet for violence

10) Violence will still occur even with the absence of video games

11) Violence already in children: exposure to violent families and aggressive personality

1) Lack of evidence

2) Hard to obtain evidence

3) Need more parental control

4) Rating system established to control gaming

Renetta Wright
Organization/ Layout

Thesis(stating my side)

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Argumentative essay video games and violence law

Video embedded What is an Argumentative Essay

Video games are an important entertainment industry and common leisure pursuit, played by people the world over. However, video games continue to be deeply controversial. Playing video games is often viewed as mainly the activity of adolescent boys, and games are seen as isolating and antisocial, creating a generation of socially dysfunctional and unfit children. Worse still, it is alleged that the often high levels of violence in many video games encourage heightened aggression in the vulnerable young minds of those who play them.

Do Violent Video Games Cause Behavior Problems Argumentative Essay

parents must take control
Ending Paragraph/Conclusion

Harvard Mental Health Letter: Violent Video Games and Young People- parents have become increasing worried about the effects of gaming on their children that they sought help
A Plea for Caution: Violent Video Games, the Supreme Court, and the Rule of Science(Schwarzengger v.

Argumentative Essay against Violence in Video Games

Video gaming today is a major leisure and cultural activity, engaged in by many people all around the world, often taking up a sizable proportion of their leisure time. As with any cultural activity, it is impossible to categorize this as either wholly good or bad. Video games are often violent and can be sexist, homophobic, and racist—as can any media form, such as film, music, and literature. However, video games are also an important industry; they allow people to relax and can be a source of conversation and identity for many. It is therefore important that we understand gaming within a wider social and cultural setting—sometimes as shocking, sometimes awe-inspiring, but more often a relatively normal and mundane pastime engaged in, and discussed, by many.

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