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Pet Peeve Essays 1 - 30 Anti Essays

Ask students to return to the pet peeve they did the freewrite about from the warm-up (or to choose a different one) and do some more writing about it, using the following prompts:

Activity | Explain to students that they will now prepare to write their own 500-word persuasive and descriptive essays about one of their pet peeves, inspired by the .

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Pet Peeve Essay Everyone has a pet ..

This essay is about my personal pet peeve, and how it annoys me

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You can use different methods to write a good pet peeve essay

My biggest pet-peeve is when People chew with their mouth full. The scene of meshed up food being tossed around in a person’s mouth is not pleasant. The sound of the food being crunched up to be digested is annoying with the smack of the mouth and the clatter of the teeth. Both of these combined makes it even worse,and results in me becoming aggravated with the disgusting person. People should take the time to view their surroundings and realized that they must be aware of others surroundings and that they should shut their lips when there is food inside their mouths.

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Pet peeves Essay Example for Free

Students should then write a full rough draft of a “Complaint Box”-style essay about their own peeve. Once they are finished, they should hold peer or student and teacher conferences and then revise the draft for a final version.

Persuasive essays on pet peeves pvc paper

Alternatively or in addition, encourage students to share their pet peeves publicly in response to the Learning Network Student Opinion post . Remind students that blogs are public and their comments – if approved – will be posted in perpetuity. They should take care in writing their responses and must identify themselves by first name only. They should also pay attention to and follow .)

Pet peeve essay - Exam paper answers

One of my pet peeves is when you are eating and can hear a person chewing from across the table, can they not hear themselves????? Another one would be when people talk on the phone during movies, ugh that ticks me off and i just want to go and break their phone!!!!!

Good introduction pet peeve essay

Next, ask them to brainstorm a list of eight to 10 behaviors that they find most irksome. What are their personal “pet peeves”? What makes them jump out of their skin? Whip around the room and as students share, compile a master list of the things that make your students boil. Wrap up the warm-up by having students choose one item from the list and freewrite for five minutes about why this behavior annoys them.

Pet Peeves from the Copyblogger Editorial Team, and …

You wanna know what my pet peeve is? Bullies.
I hate bullies,like seriously why make someones life depressing because their either Ugly,Fat,or by the way they dress? Why do you have the right to judge or label someone? everyone is perfect in their own way.

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When students express confusion, horror or surprise, write the term “pet peeve” on the board and have them identify which pet peeves you were just acting out. Ask: Why do you (students) think these behaviors bother me (the teacher)? What would the school atmosphere be like if students and teachers often did these things?

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Warm-up | As students assemble, visibly and obviously act out one or more of your biggest pet peeves, like squeaking the chalk or your nails on the board; talking with a mouth full of food or chewing gum; brushing your hair, applying cosmetics or clipping your nails; or talking on your cellphone or texting.

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