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I have a genuine question/concern that I hope has an answer I can apply in the future. Well, I find agents intimidating, generally speaking. It seems that there is a separate world where agents live, and common people try to impress them. I know it's not fair of me to say that because all agents are different, but I have a few experiences going to panels or full conferences where agents talked to "mortals" and took questions, and I found the whole experience close to forbidding. Maybe it's my not-so-outgoing personality (or shyness, whichever of these two), but it just seemed to me that only the very sociable people actually had an easy time getting something out of interacting with agents. I think not all writers are very sociable, so how do they cross that bridge? Is there a good way to approach an agent? A protocol? Some expected manners?

Ps. I’m truly sorry for your terrible experience at the conference with the really harsh agent. You are going to find awful people in every business. Don’t let a few bad ones ruin it for you.

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But like I said, 30 is… well it’s just the very smallest tip of the iceberg. You have a lot more work ahead of you. And one day, when you’ve queried 346 agents, number 347 will call you squealing because they have been searching for your manuscript their whole life. It only takes one. But you have to do your due diligence.

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This week’s questions deal with the more emotional side of being a writer. Not only is this a technically hard industry to break in to (so many rules and regulations, so many faux pas), but it’s also a very emotionally hard, intimidating, and taxing industry to work in. It doesn’t always have to be that way. Listen carefully to this week’s answers.

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Which makes me completely and utterly confused. I love my book and I believe in it one hundred percent, and have gotten mostly positive feedback from other writers and from people who are only readers. That's why I don't understand the amount of rejection I have received.

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While these may be different types of commerce transactions, they are all clearly related. They share elements like the roles involved (seller and buyer), steps in the transactions (price must be agreed upon, money must change hands), and underlying concepts (the value of this merchandise to me, do I know this merchant?). Ultimately, these different transactions differ only slightly on some few elements, with the bulk of the transaction adhering to the internal models that we have built for what commerce is like.


Thank you so much for answering my question with so many tips and details!! I didn't mean to be offensive though I was aware that the question itself is a little tricky to ask... Well, probably this impression of gods vs mortals comes from the fact that most people who ask such questions of agents at such conferences are usually new to the business (or else they'd already have an agent), while most agents have been doing that for a while, so there is a disparity of experience that contributes to the intimidation factor in these types of interaction. So I should rephrase that part...

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