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December 2: Gnosis in the Future: How timeless Gnosis may help us against secular anxiety and vain turbulence in the future.

December 9: The Future, will it be Good or Evil? Insights of the Inner Wisdom Tradition, about how to meet triumph and adversity (and all in-between) in the coming period.

December 16: Is the New Aeon Approaching? Foretold by great esotericist from Blavatsky to C.G. Jung, the New Aeon with its New God Image and renewed Gnosis draws nigh and requires our attention.

December 23 and 30: Recess for the Holidays.

September 1: Paracelsus, the Occult Physician and his Teachings: The occult philosophy of Paracelsus and its medical implications.

September 8: The Five Causes of Disease and their Alchemical Treatment: Paracelsus and his philosophy of multiple causation as early psychology.

September 15: Magnetic Healing and Altered States: The odyssey of magnetic philosophy from Paracelsus to Mesmer and to Freud and Jung and its relationship to the psychedelic revolution.

September 22: The Future and Meaning of Human Health and Disease: Miracles and psychology of various kinds; the unconscious and conscious and their relationship to the spirit.

September 29: Paracelsus and Alchemy Today: Transformation in the New Aeon.

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5… We know from where we have come and so we know where we will go and we know what we have to do with our lives." And they came and they went up a mount called Thambor = Tabor. And they threw themselves down, prayed and said: 'Oh Lord God who resides high in the great Aeons, who has no beginning and no end! Give us spiritual knowledge. Reveal us Your secret so we could receive our knowledge: where we come from, where we are going to, and what we have to do with our lives.' After these words spoken by Allogenes, he revealed himself…
Baptism scene at the Jordan (?) or a sequence of the desert-scene

2 (It is not clear by whom Sakla/Satan is defeated, but definitely not just by Allogenes/Jesus)… And then Sakla attacks him who liberates alone, many times. And he was not able to enslave them. After having defeated him he retrieved ashamed to his own place. Then Allogenes called out with a loud voice: Oh God, who is above the great Aeons, hear my voice, have pity on me and save me from all evil. Look down upon me and hear me, because I am in the empty lonely land. May the unspeakable enlighten me now…
Soon Saklas (Satan) will take control of (some of) Jesus' disciples.

AEON Corporation of Japan Interview Questions

Ancient teachers and practitioners of Gnosis, envisioned creativity as a way of invoking transcendental intelligence and beings of the high Aeons. Such theurgic magic reveals true creativity as transcendentally altered consciousness. In this series Dr. Hoeller explores the Gnostic Magic of Creative Imagination.

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Dr. Hoeller takes a new look at the Ancient Mysteries (at times called "Mystery Schools") in terms of their relevance to contemporary spirituality and the future in the New Aeon. The mystic psychology of the myths and practices of the Mysteries of the ancient world as the foundations of the Esoteric Tradition.

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September 11: Altered Consciousness in America: Journeying to the "Inner Frontier". Mesmeric and Shamanic foundations of our visionary reality. Visionary foundations of the American Republic.

September 18: Movements of Alternative Spirituality in America: From Shakers and Mormons to Theosophy, heterodox mysticism and its American origins.

September 25: From New Age to New Aeon: The Esoteric Future. Is the "New Age" of the 20th Century "old hat"? Gnostic Renaissance and the Aeon of Aquarius.

Let’s delete sex-identity from birth certificates | Aeon Ideas

January 10: Annual Tarot Prognostication for the U.S.A.: Dr. Hoeller¹s annual reading of the cards, this for the year 2014.

January 24: Sources of the Tradition: Source Experiences and Teachings in Gnosticism; Manicheanism; Hermeticism; Alchemy and Neo-Platonism.

January 31: Medieval Currents: The Cathars; the Theosophy of Jacob Boehme; the Rosicrucian Enigma.

February 7: Enlightenment Mysticism: Emergent Freemasonry, the Early Adepts: The Conte de St Germain, Martines de Pasqualy and Louis Claude de St Martin.

February 14: The Tradition in the 19th Century: Eliphas Levi and the Magical Current; Blavatsky and the great Occult Revival.

February 21: C.G. Jung and the Dawning of the New Gnosis: Jung's Convergence with the Nag Hammadi discovery and its impact.

February 28: Signs of the Future: "To give birth to the ancient in a new time". War, Magic and Religion in the New Aeon.

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Some people choose biological immortality; others have their personality transcribed into AIs and die happy feeling they continue to exist elsewhere; others again go into Storage, to be woken in more (or less) interesting times, or only every decade, or century, or aeon, or over exponentially increasing intervals, or only when it looks like something really different is happening...

Rising Daikon: AEON Application and Interview Process

Today marks the release of the "Aeon" CD single and 7" featuring a cover of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". To coincide with the new CD single, Pitchfork has released a new feature on Antony. "In this in-depth profile, we examine the life and career of Antony Hegarty, one of today's most compelling musical artists." Read more .

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