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Even before they knew there was a first law, engineers observed that machines perform less work than the amount of energy they consume. In particular, heat engines always reject some waste heat. For example, an automobile engine always heats the surrounding air, heats water in its radiator, expels heat through its tail pipe, and so forth. The second law guarantees that no clever design could eliminate these losses completely.

Perpetual motion machines of the second kind operate by extracting energy at some point in their cycle, use it for work, yet have everything return to an original state unchanged at the end of the cycle. There is the appearance of being able to deliver energy forever. Real machines and processes leave the universe changed permanently. Engineers measure this change as entropy; and the second law demands that any real process increase the entropy of the universe. Two familiar examples will show what this means.

Example: The word “umbrage” means “offense,” so, to take umbrage means to take offense.


One particular morning I was scheduled to take a rather difficult, yet important exam and the very thought of this made me queasy....

With globalization, mahout culture is going the way of other old traditions. It is less of a family business, the training is more slapdash, and many of the men who would make the most affectionate and dedicated elephant companions find, understandably, that they have better opportunities elsewhere. As Stephen Alter writes in (2004), this leaves the kind of men who have few other options, but who for the same underlying reasons may not be a good fit with elephants at all. The result is neglect, misunderstanding, conflict and abuse, and bitter frustration on both sides, feeding on itself for more of the same. But the demand for service and show elephants is only going up, and has to take care of them.

These were both thrilling experiences, but looking back, those elephants were conscripted into unhealthy, lonely lives precisely because of the monetary potential in tourists like me. In the same vein but worse, luxury resorts in Thailand to entertain and delight visitors. Where and how these babies are obtained — and what becomes of them when they are more than a year or two old and no longer useful for the purpose — is a dismal thing to contemplate; and in any case, no elephant that young is well off separated from its mother and family, no matter how lavish the accommodations.


Tom, however, is not simply a hero or a victim. His devotion to Jenny also leads him to betray his sweetheart, abandon his family, ignore grave evil, and descend into a sordid London underworld whose misery he actively contributes to. In every choice that arises for Tom between Jenny and another person, he knows he can’t leave Jenny because there is literally no one else on earth who will protect her. She is “only an Elephant,” after all, and not entitled to the same basic social claims as people. But since she exists not as a subject in her own animal society but as an object in the human one, she susceptible to any violations someone may impose (as was her brother, whose untimely demise was the result of profound degradation and misunderstanding). Tom’s unusual connection to her puts him in limbo between two realms which are perhaps impossible to integrate — not because animals are too different from us, but because they are too alike.

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The combined use of these theories has provoked the authors to attempt to explicate the most effective and accurate method of how to encourage improvements of therapeutic observations in narrative therapy.

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The Misunderstanding of J. R. Smith | The New Yorker

13.10.2016 · The Misunderstanding of J

He looked at me oddly, as if wondering why anyone would build a fake perpetual motion machine. I really didn't know how to take his reaction. I thought to explain that there is no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, but decided that I might offend the only machinist who seemed willing to help me. What did it matter anyway? I had an adjunct faculty member who truly believed in cold fusion, after all, and perhaps this machinist truly believed in perpetual motion. On the other hand, he might be thinking I was some sort of cheat trying to perpetrate a fraud. At any rate we continued to miscommunicate for a while longer, and finally let the project die.


This type of assessment is usually not graded, but rather serves as a checkpoint for the teacher to observe where any students are misunderstanding the concept.

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Every once in a while, someone who has read the comic emails me, wondering how to get into philosophy outside of school. This should be a subject that I have some expertise in, since I never took a single philosophy class in college, and I am apparently knowledgeable enough to make a philosophy-themed webcomic, atthe very least. But responding always leaves me a bit disconcerted, like I've given terrible advice, because what people typically ask for is a book recommendation as an introduction to a specific philosopher. While I usually know which book is the best place to begin for a given philosopher, it's very strange to tell someone to just read something like Either/Or, or god forbid Being andTime without some sort of preparation. So this blog post is my official explanation of how to learn philosophy outside of school, in your own free time.

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If someone cannot sympathize with you, or even begin to understand why you feel the way you do, how could you explain what you feel? Sadness is one burden to bear alone. It is not always good to explain sadness to others; no doubt it is not doing them any favors by sharing it. To take on a new mood and wipe the slate clean every time you switch to another person is ideal.

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There are very few ideas in physics important enough to call The four laws of thermodynamics are especially important and useful. At one time I examined patents for an industrial company. The question I had to answer was..."will this process or that machine work? Should we buy this patent?" Most machines or processes are too complex to analyze directly in a short time. However, the laws of thermodynamics apply to their operation and make them much simpler to analyze. The analysis begins by abstracting the machine or process to its inputs, losses, and outputs. Then it is simple to apply the laws of thermodynamics to it; and if the machine violates one of the laws, we can send the patent back to the inventor with a polite thank you.

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It can ruin your life if you carry on the burden of a single conversation to another. A friend is only another person to whom you have agreed ideals with, or find compelling. Rarely are there those who make an attempt to sympathize, and those are the best friends. However, why should the rest of them have to understand you? I found it is best not to let one terrible thing influence the way you appear to others, it can create misunderstanding, and ultimately hatred.

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